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About Gardian Test Tracker + Self Check Application

Case Study

Keeping your workplace covid-free

QR Codes

QR Codes to download the Gardian Self Check App

Workplace Poster

A3 Poster - Rapid Antigen Testing Program

How To Guide - Self Check App

Short guide to assist with using the Gardian Self Check app

Staff communications template

Editable template to use to advise staff about covid testing program

GardianT3 Detects Omicron Variants BA 4, BA 5 & BA 2.75

Gardian T3 rapid antigen tests can detect the latest Omicron Variants BA 4, BA 5, and BA 2.75, with an ongoing Limit of Detection of 10 TCID50/ml.

Self Check App Tutorial Videos

Gardian Test Tracker

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