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Getting visibility over your COVID-19 testing program.

Regular testing can keep your business open, workplace safe and reduce the risk of a COVID-19 outbreak. Having visibility and ensuring compliance is the key to a successful testing program.

If a test is done in the privacy of someone's own home (or other location), how does an employer know that the test was done correctly, and the result verified?

Gardian Test Tracker along with the Self Check app ensures a fully compliant and visible testing program for your business.

Gardian Test Tracker can be used for rapid antigen testing, onsite PCR testing and other diagnostic tests. 

About Gardian

Gardian is an Australian digital health company that operates in the medical technology (medtech) industry category, a category considered an eminent part of the healthcare sector. 

We develop software and medical devices that provide a better way to care.  


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Over 200 Brands Trust Gardian Test Tracker.

See What Our Customers Think.

“We have used Gardian Point of Care testing in conjunction with the Test Tracker to safely manage the allocation of resources across our operation and the return to work of staff. At one stage, we were 40 per cent down on staff numbers due to Covid, and the rapid testing has really helped to keep our workplace safe. It has really safeguarded us and has allowed us to continue to operate.”

Michelle McDowell

Managing Director

Allied Express Transport

“Over the past 24 months, maintaining a secure business and operating environment has been challenging and uncertain. As a significant media-based entity, we partnered with Gardian to do a combination of Point of Care testing across a number of our programs and now self-testing.  All of our interactions with Gardian have been open and supportive .”

Kamini Lallaiya

Goods & Services Procurement Manager

ABC Procurement, Finance Division,

Australian Broadcasting Commission

“The Gardian Test Tracker has been a gamechanger for us. As a physician of patients with lung-related issues, we need to be able to provide a safe environment for them to come in and do their breathing tests so that they can then get specialist care, and as an employer it’s been vital that we could keep our doors open; there are patients and staff relying on this system daily.”

Professor Lucy Morgan

Respiratory Physician, Senior Staff Specialist in the department of Respiratory Medicine at Concord Hospital and Nepean Hospital and Chairperson of the Lung Foundation of Australia

Ensuring visibility and compliance of your testing program.

See why over 200 customers have chosen Gardian Test Tracker for their COVID-19 testing program.

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Gardian Test Tracker

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